“Kirsty’s aqua yoga sessions really helped with my lower back pain during pregnancy. I started going at 14 weeks and continued right through my whole pregnancy to 39 weeks and 4 days! It was thoroughly enjoyable. I couldn’t do all the adapted yoga poses, so Kirsty gave me other ones that i was able to do more easily. I would highly recommend it!”

Sarah-Jane, mum-to-be

“Dear Kirsty, i am proud that you taught me how to swim. I like going underwater with my goggles on and i’ll never forget to blow bubbles again. Thank you.”

Lily, age 9

“I loved being in the water when i was pregnant, especially towards the end of my pregnancy when i was feeling so big and starting to feel uncomfortable. I was able to relax and think about my baby whilst being supported by the water.”

Natalie, mum-to-be

“Thank you for helping Mazie with her swimming, she started after school classes last week and got her 5m badge already!”

Kate, mum of Mazie, age 5

“My wife and i had 2-2-1 lessons with Kirsty before we went on holiday. Neither of us had had lessons since we were at school and to say we were rusty was an understatement. We learnt quickly and she taught us to tread water and swim frontcrawl and breaststroke within a couple of months. We were also confident enough to go snorkelling in the sea which we didn’t think would be possible in that short space of time.”

James, 34

“At the ripe old age of 68, i plucked up the courage to learn to swim. You’ve been very patient with me, and although i still have a little way to go, at least i can now swim a whole length frontcrawl. Thank you so much.”

John, age 68

“One of the best bits about having lessons with you, was doing some lifesaving activities and being able to swim in my pyjamas.”

Ahmed, age 10

“Thank you for being so patient with Mia; after being so scared initially she’s now loving the water and can’t wait for her next lesson each week.”

Sarah, mum of Mia, age 4

“The snorkelling lessons looked great fun and Leo had a super time – a new skill to use on holiday.”

Janet, mum of Leo, age 9