More recently, I have trained in Pregnancy Aqua Yoga. Other than swimming, there’s very little else for pregnant women to do in terms of exercise which is not land-based.

What better way to enjoy feeling light again, whilst gently exercising and being able to relax too?

Antenatal aqua yoga has many benefits, including:

  • Stretching and strengthening the spinal and abdominal muscles
  • Gaining control of the pelvic floor so that you can relax them whilst giving birth
  • Expanding your breathing capacity ready for labour
  • Relaxing and releasing worries and fears prior to birth
  • Helping to open the pelvis and hips ready for birth
  • And to tune in with your growing baby!

    **I can teach this privately in your own pool**

I am a certified Birthlight teacher in pregnancy aqua yoga and postnatal yoga and I trained with Francoise Barbira Freedman’s tutors. Francoise pioneered the way in Aquanatal yoga, understanding the relationship between pregnancy, birth and the properties of water.